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Hidden Gems – Dark Cloud (PS2)

Taking some time to go for the throwback of my childhood on our discussion today. Easily one of the most difficult games that I played growing up mostly due to me not knowing proper strategies and tactics to beat the first boss in the game. Years later, I finally played through the game in it’sContinue reading “Hidden Gems – Dark Cloud (PS2)”


Hidden Gems – Mirror’s Edge

Just as a quick disclaimer, I realize that this game is not that obscure as many gamers know the name, but it is largely overlooked despite its positive reception. That is why I decided to categorize it as a Hidden Gem, but I could say that it is also a Great Games category contender. However,Continue reading “Hidden Gems – Mirror’s Edge”

Hidden Gems – Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color (PS2)

I have been interested in writing this article for awhile, especially using this new category type I wanted to dub Hidden Gems. The focus of these articles is to inform readers about games that don’t get the most attention and are often underestimated. Without further interruption, let’s get talking about this game. Magic Pengel isContinue reading “Hidden Gems – Magic Pengel: The Quest for Color (PS2)”