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Serious-ous Talk – Pokemon

If you were a kid growing up, chances are you owned a Game Boy or a Nintendo DS. Walking around the schoolyard, people would be trading cards, that they would forget about, but suddenly have a burning passion for them when they are in their 20s-30s. Waking up early Saturday mornings to watch the cartoon/animeContinue reading “Serious-ous Talk – Pokemon”

Console Talk – Nintendo 64

Time to break up the past few posts that I have done with a new category for the blog! I want this to focus on some of the most influential, redefining game consoles that have ever been produced. Giving some background and history on these platforms is just my way of showing some love toContinue reading “Console Talk – Nintendo 64”

Great Games – Star Fox (1993)

I thought that I would take a moment to go back and talk about a revolutionary game from the past. Star Fox was the first game to utilize the Super FX chip, a graphics acceleration coprocessor powered Graphics Support Unit (GSU). All of the technical terminology aside, this little processor was able to create threeContinue reading “Great Games – Star Fox (1993)”

Series-ous Talk – Metroid

I haven’t talked about any game series for awhile, so today I thought about writing not just one, but two articles. I’ll be posting the second one later as I need to finish up the overall analysis. A great segway into the topic of famous game series is none other than Nintendo’s Metroid series. Let’sContinue reading “Series-ous Talk – Metroid”

Great Games – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time

I realize that I have done a Zelda title as a Great Games category entry, but many of these series entries are good examples of game design techniques and of innovation. I promise the next time that I have to write about a Zelda game, it will be in the Series-ous category. Without further delay,Continue reading “Great Games – The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time”

Great Games – Donkey Kong Country

This game was one that I had always heard about, but I never had a Super Nintendo growing up. However, the day that I acquired an SNES classic, I got my opportunity to playthrough this graphically defining platformer. There are many design choices that make this game quite memorable and starter a new approach toContinue reading “Great Games – Donkey Kong Country”

Series-ous Talk – Mario

No Series is more recognizable than this Nintendo poster child. Some of the most memorable titles in Nintendo’s lineup has had the name Mario associated with it. Such a franchise, that has the ability to spawn various genres from racing to party games, even adventures staring side characters, deserves some discussion. First and foremost, theContinue reading “Series-ous Talk – Mario”

Great Games – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild

I remember the Christmas of 2018 was definitely one of the most memorable as the last present that I opened, by the instruction of my parents, was a Nintendo Switch. It was love after first sight. The system had already been out for a year and the titles that had come out for it wereContinue reading “Great Games – The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild”